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Michael’s Story

Development of the Organic Biomass Products

“The story begins with both a need and desire to keep my small farm property and the environment clean, with a strong desire to reduce the contamination of the lands and waterways around me. I used my background as a chef and farmer, and started developing a solution to my solid animal waste problem. Hence, after much money invested, hours of researching processes currently available, I found that there was no “solution” available. Most of the solutions being offered left a residual waste product.
The old farm kitchen will never be the same, after much trial and error; I stumbled upon a complete solution! These products needed to be cost effective in order to lower my major expenses in farming and heating costs, and they were. Finally, after years of work, a product capable of heating my home, out buildings and greenhouses was developed.
These discoveries lead to the birth of patents. Verna Mae Group, LLC a manufacturing facility, located in East Windsor, CT. I can proudly say these products are “Made in the USA”. Verna Mae group, LLC is putting the American people back to work, offering a sustainable, renewable heating source, and has its sights on expanding throughout the United States.”